Enhance Neighborhood Safety & Crime Prevention Programs
With Organized Two-Way Radio Emergency & Alert Communications.

Really Extend Radio Range




Each Neighborhood Watch Radio has:

Emergency Call Alert privacy channels customized for each  Watch Group for contacting  Neighborhood Watch Radio members in an emergency.

Has channels for  neighborhood "CHAT".  

Channels for talking car-to-car.

And additional channels for other uses.

AM, FM, WX, Clock
& Full Power GMRS
Two-Way Radio.

Midland, AC, DC, Rechargeable Batteries,
AA Batteries, and Crank:
This is the REAL
emergency radio.


 Cell Phone Kill Switch??
They wouldn't, would they?

Organized Retreat Radios

Neighborhood Watch Radio establishes awareness and safety in the neighborhood through organization and utilization of readily available, inexpensive two-way radio equipment for Emergency, "Alert" communications and, on the social side, "Chat" .

Many already have GMRS and UHF two way radios. Here we provide information to help organize neighborhood awareness and safety benefits with Neighborhood Watch Radio.

There's nothing to buy here, no fees, no personal registration, we require no group member information, no email addresses. This web provides a FREE public service urging you to Neighbor-Up, Radio-Up for awareness, quick neighbor communications for safety, cohesion and violent and property crime protection in the neighborhood.

Wireless Industry people, including the cellular industry, two-way radio industry and the Amateur Radio clubs and individual Hams stand ready to organize, improve awareness, safety and crime control in neighborhoods everywhere.



1 NEIGHBOR UP SEARCH. Is group setup? If not, create group.
2 ESTABLISH. Group coordinator(s), you, neighbors, relatives, friends, Hams, Cops.
3 RADIO UP. GMSR or UHF Radios for group members.
4 PROMOTE. Print, publicize, email your Nextdoor.com & Neighborhood Watch Radio materials.
5 DISPLAY NOTICE. Print & display Neighborhood Watch Radio & Nextdoor.com with Signage & Placards.

"Neighborhood Watch Radio brings the instant alert and group communications.
It's here, it's inexpensive, and it's the best
neighborhood safety and first responder tool available.

We must reaffirm and maintain neighborhood control
to close any gaps existing between
neighborhood informal control, and Police formal control."



You Are

Hereby requested to be involved in a rewarding educational experience with the Wireless Industry Association picking up the tab for initial study and training expense. We want you to become a licensed Amateur Radio Operator, a HAM. Click Here to the HAM KIT page to have your Ham-Kit sent to you Free.

. You can become a Ham, receive your
credentials and call sign badge that can be your first step into and beyond developing technologies.

Bob Hutchinson, N5CNN
President & founder

Wireless Industry Association


From the National Sherriff's Association:
esearch has concluded that crime is higher in 'socially disorganized areas' marked by weakened informal control due to an erosion of shared norms. . . . Since formal control organizations (specifically law enforcement) cannot be in all areas at one time, informal control by residents is necessary if that community is to experience low crime rates."


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Later Battery Technology

For years the battery technology has been first Nickel Cadmium, NiCad batteries from 60+ years back. Then Nickel Metal Hydride, NiMH, which today is common in these inexpensive GMRS radios. Maximum capacity of these rechargeable battery systems is 600 mAh to 700 mAh. At most about 10 hours with little transmitting.

Lithium Ion core NIMH and rechargeable alkaline AA size batteries are  available in capacities of 2500 mAh to upgrade some GMRS radios. This provides a big improvement on the order of 3X to 4X operational time.

The Motorola radios, similar to the NMR350R below require little folded 11/4  inch aluminum foil strips under base of the two outside batteries folded slightly to make contact with the battery door metal charging tabs. The 3mm or wider copper desoldering braid also works for this purpose. Tape under makes sure no short to battery shell.


Neighborhood Watch

Sponsors and Supporters are in every community in the United States. Indeed just about all public safety and law enforcement organizations are involved in Neighborhood Watch type programs to help reduce crime.

But declining public budgets reduce 911 response times. Neighbor Up for neighborhood safety.

More people work from home.

More people are retired.

People don't know their neighbors.

Talk within the Neighborhood Watch group.

Use Push-To-Talk.

Use any of the "CHAT" channels for Talk, Talk, Talk.

Use  your neighborhood semi-private frequency for Chat communications.

For Emergency Call Alert Safety & Protection

Join or create
your online neighborhood social network.
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