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Really Extend Range
Legal Repeater Operation Controllers,

Small $$$
GMRS is mostly rogue radio. Congress, the government and FCC have repeated past actions as on CB and VHF marine radio. They threw up hands and, being overwhelmed, mostly have given-up on enforcing the mass jumble of rules.

The feature rich simplex controllers such as the Argent ADS-SR1 have most of the features of the commercial and Ham repeater controllers. The rich features of this device can also be utilized as an ancillary device to add real repeater legal features to a featureless putt-putt duplex low or high power repeater system.

Professional Features
Especially license code ID and voice messaging, announcement and instructions with proper non-irritating timing. This requiring only the simplex controller and another radio within quieting range of the duplex repeater. The simplex controller can have all the remote tone controlled desired ID and messaging features and commanded to not-repeat, just ID and message with desired function and timing like commercial controllers.

The unit listens on the duplex repeater output and performs its programmed functions through the input of the no-feature duplex repeater. It's the repeater legal function messenger.

Neighborhoodwatchradio.org  encourages community Neighborhood Watch, Crime Watch and community "chat" functions that need the comm-range of the low power UHF duplex repeater to stick with the responsible actions of legal GMRS and UHF radio use.

Legal Repeater Controllers

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~ Bob Hutchinson, N5CNN
Wireless Industry Association