Really Extend Range     Whole Subdivision +

Vertical dipole for UHF GMRS band.  (any 50 ohm coax.)
First strip 6 1/4" inches of outer insulation off without damaging the braid. Then slide the braid back little ways and carefully work it back over the cable, so that the braid itself forms a 'tube' around the coax. The center wire of the coax with plastic insulation forms the other half. This is the basic counterpoise dipole antenna. Mount antenna straight, vertical, elevated, taped to wood, PVC, etc. up high.
Roof top of single story house, 3 - 6 mile radius repeater comm. range depending on flat terrain density.  Two story house - - way more radius, whole subdivision?

Elevating a magnetic mount 1 /4 wave ground plane antenna without steel mount won't provide expected results. This dipole does not require ground plane. Just altitude.