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Suggestions for welcome email to new member or adjacent group or member.
Modify for your use, copy, paste, save for purpose.

Hello (name or email),

Glad to have you on-board with our (ZIP + 4 & group name.), Neighborhood Watch Radio group.

If you already have GMRS radios, our current numbers are below. If not, ask any group member about getting radios.

Alert and emergency channel:   xx, privacy code:   xx
Our main group Chat channel:   xx, privacy code:   xx
Auxiliary group Chat channel:     xx, privacy code:   xx (occasional  use.)

On occasion we may modify our numbers. Notice will be: Email or social web.

Please radio, call or email me anytime for chat or help with our Radio Group. Also, ask anyone  about participating in our private Neighborhood Watch Radio social web.

(your name), NWR Radio - ("address handle")