Extend Range

Need to communicate with adjacent groups for cohesion, safety, social, gathering reasons.

In large Neighborhood Watch Radio groups where communications is required, in urban are of more than 1,000 yards, the handheld will need help for ground floor use. Elevation of radio OR the antenna of eight to twelve feet provides huge improvement of five to ten X. Radio with external antenna connection, UHF radio, is needed here.Too much elevation allows distant traffic that can cause frustration and require privacy code on Chat channels.

Excellent improvement is 1//4 wave ground plane hanging from ceiling with bracket removed, clipped or clamped to eve or gutter, or clamped to a vent pipe.

     Search Amazon, Google or ebay for these.
TRAM 1465 Land Mobile Base Ground Plane Kit
Cut the tempered SS radials to 61/8" with
   Dremel saw or nick with file and snap off, dress, install.

Browning BR-PT450 UHF Pre-Tuned Land Mobile Antenna Element.
Fits Tram 1465 NMO Motorola Mount.

UHF 1/4 NMO Pre Tuned 410-490MHZ Antenna Element.
Fits Tram 1465 NMO Motorola Mount.

SINCLAIR OMNI UHF 450-470MHZ Antenna, 3 to 5 db gain for rural areas. No
    ground plane needed.


If a group is so large as to require a repeater, is it really a group of neighbors , or something else?