Using GMRS

I'm using the Dual channel watch option now since more of my neighbors also got into Watch Radio. I have 2 groups talking on 2 Chat channels so that it does not get crowded. I then use the Dual Channel Monitor feature to monitor 2 channels simultaneously. The emergency Alert channel and the main Chat channel. Neighbors are using radio pairs in dual slot charger; 1 radio on the emergency Alert channel, the other on the main Chat channel.

 We have our radios always on so that we can call each other, and I am acting as one of our two coordinators. We make sure to always have someone in the neighborhood monitoring the Chat channel. All monitor the Alert emergency channel. It stays quiet except for occasional test during the day, our standard - never test during quiet hours. It does give us peace of mind that we can call for help to the entire neighborhood at a press of a button.