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Power grid independent communications.

Check back this page for Spring Branch Radio changes.

We only need enough information to get radios distributed to participants, plus a commitment to participate and pass the radio on to another coverage area resident or back to a Coordinator if you move. (On the air or Nextdoor.com)

              Any Radio
Almost any GMRS/FRS or UHF Two-Way Radio capable of Tone Squelch #32 (203.5 Hz.) will work with Spring Branch Radio Neighborhoods Project repeaters. Many radios, even blister pack radios, accept AA or AAA batteries for communications when other systems fail. Dust em off, charge em, re-battery them, set em up as above. They're Spring Branch Radios.

Initial repeater operation is simplex, parrot or talk-back repeater. Repeater records voice message or announcement and plays it back immediately. Duplex repeater is desired but, with inexpensive radios the simplex repeater has better efficiency  and will provide for Neighborhoods Project emergency communications.

Little magnetic mount antennas (to steel like refrigerator, filing cabinet or even a steel pie plate), help a lot in fringe areas. Work well with 15 channel UHF standard radios with removable antenna, Let us know, free.

Contact Bob Hutchinson or any Spring Branch Radio coordinator or participant for radio equipment. Click menu Order Radios link at left. If active in the project, help group neighbors or those interested in Spring Branch Radio Neighborhoods coverage get on the channels. Promote neighbors at Nextdoor.com.

Inexpensive 15 channel programmable UHF radios (China).
Spring Branch Channels have Spring Branch channels set up like below and utilize voice prompts. We obtain these radios in bulk for $10 - $12 and program them. They're almost throw-down radios but we're constantly amazed at their utility. RF power is 2 watts.

Sometime, as we buy bulk packs, these may not have a manual.
User's manual.
Voice prompts advise channel numbers per below.  Primary channels in

GMRS 15 Channel Voice Prompt Radio, Chs. 1 7 and  8 - 22

Channel#   Name     Receive           Transmit

1             CH01      462.56250     462.5625
2             CH02      462.58750     462.5875
3             CH03      462.61250     462.6125
4             CH04      462.63750     462.6375
5             CH05      462.66250     462.6625
6             CH06      462.68750     462.6875 
7             CH07      462.71250     462.7125    
8             CH15      462.55000     462.5500  

9             CH16      462.57500     462.5750     T Sql 203.5 Hz,

               Sizable Spring Branch Coverage

10           CH17  462.60000      462.6000      T Sql 203.5 Hz.

               Tappenbeck.Nextdoor.com Coverage

11           CH18      462.62500     462.6250    
12           CH19      462.65000     462.6500    
13           CH20      462.67500     462.6750    
14           CH21      462.70000     462.7000    
15           CH22      462.72500     462.7250    
16           430.00    Scans Channels Hold PTT+ Turn radio on to scan, Reverse to stop.

GMRS Ch. 8 thru 14, ( w. max.) not present on 15 channel radios.

15 Channels

GoogleThis is a std. Spring Branch Radio

User's manual.

15  Channels

Google This is alternate std. Spring Branch Radio

User's manual.

100 +
Feature sRadio


Click feature radios
License Info.


Spring Branch
Std. Radio

Charges with USB or uses AA or AAA alkaline.


Midland types also uses AA or AAA alkaline.



Programmable Feature UHF Radios.

Initial repeater operation will be simplex, parrot or talk-back repeater. Repeater records message and plays it back immediately. Duplex repeater is desired but, with inexpensive radios the simplex repeater has better coverage and will do until higher duplex arrangement can be made.

UHF feature radios programmed for Spring Branch Radio use have all GMRS channels plus the additional programmed Spring Branch channels below. Feature radios with display screen channel name capabilities will display the additional channels by name & additional channel #.  RF power is 4 watts.

Primary Simplex Repeater - Antenna base - 35 ft. o 40 ft. - sizable overage.

16 RPT Channel, (GMRS 16) Spring Branch Radio, Primary Repeater, ToneSq 203.5 hz. - 20 to 40 watts ERP.  Additional # 60


Alternate Simplex Repeater - Antenna base - 20 ft. Tappenbeck coverage.

17 RPT Channel, (GMRS 17) Spring Branch Radio, Alternate Repeater, ToneSq 203.5 hz. - 20 to 40 watts ERP. Additional # 70


Additional channels for future use may also be programmed in Feature radios.


Existing GMRS/FRS blister pack non programmable radios can access the Parrot repeater channels above with # 32 privacy code (203.5 Hz.).


ERP - Effective Radiated Power

For more info or free programmed UHF radios:
Bob Hutchinson, N5CNN, WQQZ543
N5CNN@paq.net, 713 467-0077