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Power grid independent communications.

Radio repeater, similar to a cell phone tower or site, with antenna 35 to 40 feet above ground provides communications range for several Spring Branch neighborhoods groups even when other communications systems fail.

*The inexpensive "Parrot" or talk-back repeater records your voice message and broadcast it back immediately from a higher location with more power (40 to 50 watts.). Other radios near by may hear your message as you're initiating it, and hear it again from the repeater as broadcasted back from repeater antenna. "Parrot talk-back" .

We are seeking higher locations, up several stories for grid independent solar powered neighborhoods repeater emergency communication modules. Need volunteers for solar powered repeater kit locations and installations.

Spring Branch Radio utilizes a Nextdoor.com graphical map to indicate approximate (possible) communications coverage.  Our UHF handheld standard radio provides service in this two to three mile diameter area. Users in upper floor apartments or buildings, five to ten miles depending on terrain.

Privacy / Security ??? Talking in a Spring Branch Radio neighbors group IS not blasted around the World through the Internet - It's local.



Spring Branch
Std. Radio

Charges with USB or uses AA or AAA alkaline.